Editing for Authors

Erin Buterbaugh has a great post titled Editing for Authors as part of Chip MacGregor’s blog. I have read numerous posts done by Erin, and each one is a small little goldmine. I suggest that you might want to have a look, and a read.  GL

Below is what I wrote as a comment to her post:

“… sniff out the rotten parts.” Brilliant!

Metaphorically, my first (precious) YA novel is little like a tasty peach. If I ‘eat’ it right away, it tastes delicious; however, if I let it sit on the counter for a bit, it starts too really smell nice, but some brown soft spots also begin to appear. So with a knife I cut out the ‘rotten parts’. Thank you for your timely and sage advice, Erin, on self-editing. It certainly can be tough.

Revisions to The Skull

I’m currently working hard on revisions to The Skull. It is a huge challenge for me since this novel is my first.

However, Darcy Pattison, has a blog article titled 4 Revision Goals: Conflict, Emotion, Surprise, Enrich which has been very helpful.

I have the tendency – which is probably quite natural – to dig into my revision process too quickly. I need to step back and consider how I want to approach it, and what I need to focus on e.g., conflict.

So that’s where I’m at today: Revising a novel of 71,222 words. Onwards and upwards!

Bilberry scones

I’ve just finished the first edit of chapter 28, which is titled Bilberry Scones. Here’s a short snippet from that chapter. Hope you enjoy it.


Grandpa gave Hermione a basket, and called out, “OK, everyone line up across the deck. We need to make a plan.”

“Aye, aye, captain,” shouted Sammy exuberantly.

Abigail, Megan, and Hermione—all with frowns—looked at him. “We’re not in the navy!” said Abigail.

Grandpa and Sammy looked somewhat dismayed. Grandpa then smiled, and said “OK, you’re not in the navy but we still need a plan.”

“Here’s what I suggest. Hermione has the basket. She’ll carry the bilberries—when we get them. You kids and I will pick the berries.”

“Does this sound like a good plan?”

Hermione and the kids all nodded their heads.

Ruff! Ruff! What about me? asked Max (in doggie-thought).

“You’re the guard dog should another giant green lizard appear,” replied grandpa.

“That may not be such a good idea,” laughed Abigail. “Max hid under a rhubarb leaf when the last lizard attacked.”