The Ghostly Maiden Mystery – book 3

A ghostly maiden. A long-ago shipwreck. A missing leather trunk. Billy Fender uses all his PI skills to solve another mystery worthy of Sherlock Holmes. 

Billy Fender has another baffling case. During a vicious thunderstorm, a lightning bolt knocks off a gargoyle from a church roof which hits his head with a glancing blow. Stumbling along beside the ocean, he sees a ghostly maiden. Is he delirious? Perhaps. But someone else has seen the maiden – Reverend Toddington’s wife.

Billy still wants to buy a new TV for his family, but he doesn’t have enough money. The Reverend offers him $100 to solve the mystery because his wife has fallen ill with upset. Billy accepts the case and his PI team begin the search for clues. Things get complicated, however, when Billy’s friend Einstein Banerjee goes missing one evening while using his telescope. Eager to find his friend and a missing leather trunk, Billy’s PI team must explore a cave, venture up to observatory hill, and search a darkened basement to solve The Ghostly Maiden Mystery.